Sunday, July 8, 2007

To the Adhaalathu Party and other jihadists

Leaders of the Adhaalathu Party and others who want to force Islam on the rest of us!

Let me keep this short and simple, in case you decide to invoke Mohamed’s Sunnah of illiteracy and pretend you do not understand what I am saying.

When Islam is established fully in Maldives under your party, what protection would there be for 6 to 9 year-old girls against pedophile freaks who want to emulate Mohamed’s Sunnah of having sex with 9-year-old girls? Can your best friend count on you not demanding that he gives his 9-year-old daughter for you to have pedophile sex? That was exactly what the dirty child-molester, your prophet Mohamed did to Aisha the daughter of his best friend Abu Bakuru. What if you want to invoke that Sunnah to help you claim those 72 Whore-al-Eens in Mohamed’s bordello called Jannah?


Anonymous said...

Age consent in our world today only 100 years ago to girls as young as 10:

The following was sent to Brother Osama by brother Johnny Bravo; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him:

Assalam Alaiqum Brother Osama.

I thought you might find the following information of some use pertaining to the marriage of Hazrat Ayesha (RAA) with Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). I took this info from the soc.religion.islam newsgroup and it is written by various knowledgeable Muslims informing that the age of consent in the USA was 10 hardly 100 years ago and 11 in the UK, Talmud allowing 3 year olds to get married! etc. :-

"(And there is evidence that Ayesha was substantially older. That some of our ancient scholars preferred the younger age shows, in fact, that they did not consider marriage at that age to be reprehensible, otherwise they would have preferred the evidence for a later marriage and consummation.)

At the time the marriage was arranged, Muhammad had not left Makka; he was not the leader of a powerful community; indeed, his life was in danger. I raise this point because it is asserted, sometimes, that, essentially, he could have whatever he wanted. Rather, if this marriage had been an outrage to the community, it would have been *very* harmful to his cause."

Above comments by Abdulrahman Lomax.

The age of sexual consent is still quite low in many places. In Japan, people can legally have sex at age 13, and in Spain they can legally have sex at age 12. (This data comes from the Age of Consent chart, which you can see at:

The Prophet's contemporaries (both enemies and friends) clearly accepted the Prophet's marriage to `Aisha without any problem. We see the evidence for this by the lack of criticism against the marriage until modern times. However, a change in culture caused the change in our times today.

A 40-year-old man having sex with a 14-year-old woman may be a "pedophile" in the USA today, but not in China today (where the age of consent is 14), nor in the USA last century. Biology is a much better standard by which to determine these things in my view, not the arbitrariness of human culture.

***** In the USA last century, the age of consent was 10 years old. California was the first state to change the age of consent to 14, which it did in 1889. After California, other US states joined in and raised the age of consent too. (Source:

As for the reasons why we age of consent just seems to get higher and higher, Essentially, we need more education just to survive in today's society, and this takes much more time. This additional education we need to function in today's society seems to me to be the main cause of the increase in the age of consent in many 20th century societies. The Common Law age of consent was 10. The French penal code raised the age from 11 to 13 only a century ago. In England, it was only in 1929 (70 years ago) that the ancient Christian minimum age for the marriage of females, which was 12, was abandoned. The early rock and roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis was considerably older than his 13 cousin whom he married in all legality in Arkansas. Since then, the age there has been raised to 16. That marriage lasted for about 15 years and there was never any other "scandal" associated with Jerry Lee Lewis. The story is quite different, however, for his cousin Jimmy Swaggart (the well-known and disgraced tele-evangelist) who married a woman his own age but later publicly confessed that he was an adulterer and a whoremonger.

In the seventh century, 3 year old girls were burned to death or tortured in Europe for copulating with demons, witches and sorcerers. Strong sexual passions were attributed to the youngest children. Even Jean Bodin, one of the greatest legal authorities of his time, said that the appropriate age of consent for a female was 6. (I do not mean to suggest that 3 year olds did in fact have sexual relations with demons. It is however interesting to see that at that time it was publicly believed that child-adult relations were the fault of seductive children who sought out mature men rather than today's popular belief that it is instead pedophiliac adults who prey on innocent, unsuspecting children.)

In the US (an example of a prominent western country, since the west had the greatest effect on the world in the last couple of centuries.) They considered a seven year old female competent on making decisions regarding sex, though it was raised later on (in 1886, after attempts to raise the age of consent, Delaware was the only state to retain the common law age of seven, while twenty five states set the minimum age at a mere ten.) In older times, children were not perceived in the same sense that we perceive them, but the perception was changed gradually, which is due to a great extent to industrialization, and of course sigmund freud and others came along with their theories and supported these changes in social thinking (the word adolescent itself was introduced as recently as 1904.)

Bakuru said...

We are talking about the age of marraige allowed in Islam; not in the USA, Japan, Congo, Burkina Faso etc. etc.

What is the age of marriage allowed in Islam? Answer that please and stop throwing red herrings! You claim that Islam is a perfect religion for all times. So you don't want to justify Islamic barbarism by comparing Islam with what you would regard as "less than perfect" societies, do you? If you do that you are admitting that Islam is less than perfect.

Dhivehi Christian said...

“In the seventh century, 3 year old girls were burned to death or tortured in Europe for copulating with demons”. Does it then make it alright for Mohamed, who called himself “messenger of the almighty and a blessing to the world”, to copulate with a 9 year old girl?

Europe got out of the dark ages but Muslims are trapped forever in the deepest depths of darkness because of Mohamed. I have no problems with Muslims choosing to be trapped in savagery and barbarism. The problem arises when Islam and Muslims deny my right to live in my own country under civilised laws.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ey bakuru Fucker. thilhai amaa fui. bakari nagoobalhu. kaley amaa dhas koh dhinee mikahala jaahilu vaahaka dhakkan tha? nagoobalhu. madu madun geyga indhey. maa molhu kameh kamah mithaa echehi nukiyaa.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are primitive in their thinking. They cannot engage in debate.

Ahmad Maajid said...

We, as Muslims, do recognize your right to denounce and reject Islam. This right is given to all people by nothing less than true Islamic teachings. It is a right that is also recognized by reason. As such, let there be no doubt about it!

As to malicious and hateful abuse of Muhammad (remember that a billion of your brothers and sisters believe him to be the Messenger of God), you don’t have that right! If you are continuing your abuse of Muhammad despite this, it obviously means that you have no honesty and sincerity. Under such circumstances the very purpose for which you are denouncing and rejecting Islam becomes strict disapproval of reason. If your decision to remain out of Islam (I personally doubt that any Maldivian who had ‘left’ Islam had ever being a Muslim!) is honest, then it would be much better for you to remain as an honest opponent of Islam, instead of being a malicious attacker! However, if you are not content with just remaining out of Islam; if you go ahead to attacking Islam with vulgar and obscene ideas and language, your motives are put under strong suspicion by the human mind. Such an aggressive attitude on your part strongly indicates the presence of an evil plan of which you are a part in return “for some worldly gains”!

Many of the people who abuse Islam with whatever claims and accusations they come across are people who want to free themselves of obligations; moral obligations, and religious obligations. Those people want to believe things to be in such a state as to enable them to live their worldly lives in any manner they desire. They love to indulge in sex and other material pleasures, to show off their wealth and status and appearance (which is definitely given to them by a giver and not taken by them with their might!) and so on! What a pitiful lowliness for human beings to fall in! What a pitiful lowliness for human beings to fall in!

If you think that it hurts us to hear, see and listen to what you have so malignly done with regards to Muhammad, then you are very right! It hurts us (which is one reason why we are speaking to you thus) and makes us cry when this most beloved of men to us is abused in such pathetic manners! But if you think that we are desperate and senseless because of that, you are very wrong! We are well used to it! We are patient! We have seen wickeder denigration of Muhammad from those who hate Islam. If it pleases you to abuse a man who didn’t even know you, and hurt people who are your own brothers and sisters in humanity, then be our guests! Do it with pleasure! Don’t stop! Evil always take pleasure in wickedness, and we are perfectly aware of that and we accept it as the norm of this world! Glory be to God only!

But, let me say this! If you give any recognition whatsoever to what we call reason and objectivity and sincerity and truthfulness, base your criticism of Islam only on the Qur’an. Do not base them on fallible historical records! Attack the Qur’an and quench your ‘thirst’ therein and therewith! But do not rely upon records that were being transmitted through oral traditions for generations before they were written down! Your reliance on the said historical claims clearly proves a stark ignorance of any intellectual method of criticism. In your malicious and mean abuse of Islam you are doing many such things; things that any person with an intellectual and honest attitude would at once find outrageous!

Let me tell you and all those people who happen to read this by the Leave of God of just one example! The scholars of Islam whose truthfulness and integrity you have vehemently rejected are the ones who made the historical claim of Muhammad’s alleged marriage to a premature girl (Aishah the Mother of the Believers). However, in a strange and amusing show of self-inconsistency and self-contradiction, you accept the claim of those very scholars in case of the marriage of Aishah with Muhammad! You wait not for a second to think that the scholars who make this claim of Muhammad’s alleged marriage with a premature Aishah are very same scholars whose integrity and truthfulness you have already rejected vehemently! How strange are your ways and manners, and how lacking are you in humanly virtues and good character!

The saddening and disgraceful abuse of Muhammad that you have shamelessly committed is, as aforesaid, mainly based on historical records only. The issue of Muhammad’s alleged marriage with a premature girl is a belief that is taken for granted by millions of Muslims including many so-called scholars. But if you have ever known anything about Islam, you would be aware of the fact that this belief has its entire base in a ‘history’ book containing the reported, alleged sayings and deeds of Muhammad. You might also be surprised to find out that the said reports are actually contradictory among themselves and have been rejected by great scholars of Islam since many centuries ago! It is utterly irresponsible and unreasonable to base such denigration of a man, as yours of Muhammad, on such doubtable historical records. In short, if you have the objectivity, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, integrity and courage to bow to the truth, PROOVE that Muhammad married a premature girl, before abusing him in such an inhuman, indecent, and shameless manner with the claim of an alleged deed which he didn’t commit!

It is not only the fallible historical records in particular books that you use to attack Islam. You have used the opinions of ‘scholars’ in almost every criticism that you throw upon Islam. Currently, the shameless band which styles themselves as one ‘Adaalathu Party’ is your powerbase to a great extent. Even though you have no trust on them to believe the slightest of their claims in any matters, you rely on all their pathetic opinions and incorrect and inconsistent understandings of Islam in order to abuse Islam! My brothers and sisters! Dishonesty is shame! Honesty pays back! Why do you abuse a man who loved you? Why “kick yourselves against the” Truth? Why can’t you, at least, be gentle and honest in your opposition to Islam?

Ahmad Maajid (7767429)

Ahmad Maajid said...

By the way, let me say this! If the obscene comments made by some anonymous brothers/sisters was made by Muslims, I advise them to follow the Beautiful Prophetic Sunnah of facing enmity! If they were written by those people who are bent on slaying Islam's Truth in order to depict Muslims as vulgar and barbaric (which is something that they are very likely to do) I advise Muslims to be aware of this.

Anonymous said...

The pedophilia in the bible was quite different, because girls were raped at 3-years of age by Moses and his men.

Also, in Exodus 21:7-11 as further elaborated on below, girls were sold off as slave girls by their own fathers to other men. So most certainly, no one is qualified to call the Prophet of Islam a pedophile!

Thirty years ago, the renowned sexologist R.E.L. Masters and Allan Edwardes said in their study of Afro-Asian sexual expression (_The Cradle of Erotica_, Julian Press, New York:1962) said, "Today, in many parts of North Africa, Arabia, and India, girls are wedded and bedded between the ages of five and nine; and no self-respecting female remains unmarried beyond the age of puberty."
Also, the fact that there is no AGE LIMIT to how girls in the Bible were sold off and married off to other men, WITHOUT ANY CHOICE, who were much much older than them as also the case with the Biblical Prophets who married 100s of wives each clearly proves the hypocrisy of some Christians who attack Islam through Aisha's very young age, while they clearly ignore the same fact in their own Bible. Here is a sample of the 100s of wives of the Biblical Prophets:

In Exodus 21:10, a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry.

In 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3, King David had six wives and numerous concubines.

In 1 Kings 11:3, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

In 2 Chronicles 11:21, King Solomon's son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.

this was cut and paste from


Anonymous said...

Why don't you call yourself "Maldivian idiots" rather than calling "christian maldives". Islam is in our heart. Its our faith. Once you are muslim, u dont have the right to believe or follow any other religion. Never maldivian should be allowed to choose any other religion in here. If you wanna be a christian, hindu, jew then you gotta leave this country. U will have leave the right to be a citizen of maldives.
For ever insha allah we will be muslims, its is these two kalimah that any maldivian would here from this country.
Ash-hadhu Allaa-ilaaha illa-llaahu
Wa-ash-hadhu anna muhammadha- rasoolu-llah.
I believe there's no god, but allah,and Muhammad (please be peace upon him) is messenger and servent of allah.
May allah punish those who show enimity towards allah religion (there's no religion other than islam)and his messenger muhammad.

This note is to those maldivians who did the hidious act of leaving islam.

Remember, the day of judgment. either u will have to be in hell or heaven. The day is near than that you think. just will be made and u will have face the consequences of your bad deeds.

Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.

Anonymous said...

We all have to make choces!!!!!!!! You are saying that we should follow modern rule/laws etc. if so, according to law once you leave islam you also loose the citizenship of maldives. meaning you are no longer a MALDIVIAN. you do NOT have any right to claim " non-muslim maldivians". so in one way you are also NOT modern!!!!!!!!!!!!!right. in this modern law ( so far ) you have two choices; 1- be a muslim (thus be a maldivian). 2- be a NON-muslim ( and you lose maldivian citizenship). you do what you what , what is good for you, after all the truth is you can not own every things that you want. thats why we have to maek choices. so what you want most, maldivian citizenship or your new religion????????? up to my dear. choice is yours!!!!!

tu said...

Bismilla Alhamdhulillah!
Wassalaathu wassalam ala RAsoolillah!
We are Please with Allah as our rub, Islam as our religion, & Prophet muhhammad sallah laahu alaihi wassalam as the nabi and massenger.

We are proud of practicing the greatest relegion on earth islam.
& we are not ashamed of any part of our religion.

We dont need your aproval or diaproval coz Allah SAys you are worse then the animals. (not all kuffars) but the like of these one in this blog. Deaf Dumb & Blind in the heart!

We are proud that we can marry beautiful young virgin girls Alhamdulillah! as young as even 9.That is if they are fit for marriage in every way.(health etc). Even we can marry 4 girl all together.

ANd can you make the distinction from heaven N hell, DAy n Nite
sexual intercousre thruogh MArriage to lawful wifes & sexual intercousre out side marriage and RAPE?

An please do kindly note that Imprisoning your dautgher with hancuffs & keeping in a undergound cell and fathering 7 children from your own dauther n keeping the grand dauther as a sex slave well??? Subuhanallah! HOW CIVILIZED ARE YOU!!!

I guess some of your so called civilized 21st century thinkig is very twisted. is this a ( mee amilla budhi beynukoggen koffa huri kameh dho austria meehaves)

Let The BEleivers (MUSLIMS) put their trust in ALLAHU AZZA WAJAL!
The LOrd of the magnificient throne.

Anonymous said...

ho the hell r u to talk nonsense on our beloved prophet. kaleh kamah dhauvaa kuranytha? allah kalay halaaku kurahvaashi. islamunnay kiyaagen kykay thikiyany? bayaku meehun ulhunu gothehge sababun allah ge rasoolaa ah kudai mees bas nubunay magey ahkaa. allahge hazrathah thaubaavay. baajja verikan othy islam dheenah ulhegen. allah aharemenge faafa fuhsavai enmehaa muslim ahun naa uhthunnah heyogoi medhuveri kurahvai kaafarunge therein gina adhadhehge bayakah islam dheenuge nooru hithah vahdhavai thedhumagu dhahkaavaandhayve. ameen yaarabal aalameen.

Anonymous said...

Instead of calling non muslim maldivians why dont yuo write your names and address so that the others will know who you are are a cowerd....not brave enough to come out from the shell.. thats why so easily yo deviated from the fortunate relgion your are born insecure idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

kaleymen islam dheen gabooleh nukuramey kiyanee namaadhu nukoh beykaaru kankamuga vaguthu heydha kuranvegen eychchekey meechchekey kiyaigen...kon islam dheen gabooleh nukuramey kiyaakaththa...thiyavvure maa rangalhu vaane amillayah bunelaign ulhuniyyaa...thimannayakah namaadheh nukureveyneyey vaguthun vaguthakah...kanneh kamun namaadhu nukoh qur'an nukiyavaa ulheveyne ennu islam dheen gabooleh nukuramey buniyyaa...ehen thi vanee kaleymennah...kaleymen kon iraku ehen noonas muslim vee...muslimekey nukiyaane adhi namuga elhigen othakas...muslimunnakee baraabarah namaadhu kuraa meehun...kaleymen thee feshuneessureves thivaththaru meehun egijjetha...thee aharun dhanna vaththarekey...dhuniyeyga dheen gaboolu nukuraa bayaku ulheythee copy koggen maa gaddaa vaan vegen

Anonymous said...

Bakuru waht do you know about islam? you better read more books.
Who created this universe? & who created you? who gave you knowledge? What was the age of Adam alaihi sallam & Hawwa?
Aisha (Radiya allah anha) got married at age of nine meaning that any woemn can get marry at that age there is nothing to get worried about that ... go & see your so called developed countries like USA they commit illegaul sex at age of 7 or less. So islam has allowed men & women to get married when they get "baaliq"

Anonymous said...

hey!! wake up guys, wot ur talkin bout? if u donno really what is the best way to follow in, then jus go easilly hell, islam is the only religion to follow ok. i don wanna talk bout any more get back 2 the ryt path before u get knocked by ur death. u will know then who is ryt or wrong but it will be too late. u wont do any thing no one can help. jus will keep burning in hell. u can say wot u wanna say today but how could u do the samething 2moro?

Anonymous said...

yaqeeney konmmeves gay alaathehkkan buri nufelhigen mithaa halhey milavanee. thilhaamen rasoolullahigefaanaai medhu konmme ehchekey kias we as true muslims will following him,

so goruboegen, buri falhamun dhuvelaa. athu jehuneemaa aharun thilhaamen kathilaafaanan :)

Unknown said...

If the people who say they were Maldivians before and now Christians, talk in dhivehi once. We want to know. Don't name yourself as Dhivehi Christian, you are no Maldivian anymore. No Dhivehi any more. Why you Christians stopped talking and commenting. You believe you are now defeated? Yes, you are defeated. I challenge all Christians in this world, you can't win any debate with us Muslims concerning the religion. You can't prove anything wrong with Islam, Qur'an or the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad PBUH. You can't prove it is false ever in your life. Qur'an will remain unchanged till the end of the world and it has remained till now. Islam is applicable to all the times. Even for the 21st century and on. If you want to know that Islam is the truth watch Dr.Zakir Naik's talks on Peace TV. You can also search and watch it on the internet from youtube and elsewhere. There is no Christian Pope or father or anyone on the surface of the earth who can beat Dr. Zakir on any debate. You can watch debates on Christianity VS Islam in which Zakir Naik spoke. You will know the truth. There is no William Campbell or any Christian who won a debate with Dr.Zakir. That's the level of Christians. Watch Zakir Naik proving from the Bible that Jesus PBUH is not god and he was not crucified. Watch him prove from the Bible that Christianity is not the right path. See it from youtube. You can never prove Christianity as the right path. You can never prove Jesus PBUH as God and You can never prove the bible correct. It has never been. But Insha Allah! Islam will be proven right, Qur'an will be proven right and it is! We can see clearly that Christians are truly being defeated!!! "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish." May Allah! show you the right path!!! Allah thiyabaimeehunnah thedhumagu dhakkavaashi! Ameen!

Anonymous said...

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Ahmed said...

Show ur face,cowards,show some identity so we can talk.

u are wastin ur life. and ur after life.

non muslim "maldivians"?? wtf is that?? all maldivians are muslims.. so u ppl are not included as maldivians make it non-muslim losers..fuck off..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi world! I think, no one can justify marrying a 10year old girl, who would have been adopted as a daughter indeed. So this is picture clear how good the character of a a so called, prophet could be no matter what age it was if he was mature enough to claim himself the last and only messenger of Allah. There was a gentleman who quoted many references from the old testament of Holy bible but can never compare the last & true messenger of Allah Jesus Christ who will come again. No one can put a ? in his life including his character.

Quinton Current said...

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