Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why are Muslims leaving Islam?

Ergun Caner, the dean of Liberty Baptist Seminary, and his brother openly discuss why they left Islam in this rarely seen video.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Islam is dragging the Maldives backwards to 7th century Arabia

But in his summation the judge noted “the girl had reached puberty” and found “she was a willing partner,” because she had not screamed, struggled or told her sister-in-law or step mother about the event. He found the men guilty of consensual sex before marriage, and imposed the minimum sentence of eight months banishment.
From Minivan News

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homosexuality in Islam

In addition to the 72+ whore al-eens (virgin sluts) that Mohamed promises (writing in his pseudonym of Allah) he also assures Muslims of the use of young boys for pleasure in his jannah paradise.

52:24 "Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as pearls well-guarded."

76:19 "And round about them shall go youths never altering in age; when you see them you will think them to be scattered pearls."

The mullah pictured here could not wait for Mohamed's jannah bordello and so he has sex with a "scattered pearl" right in the middle of the street. Mullahs, imams, sheikhs, muftis, Mohamed and other assorted Islamic perverts are above the law.

When Catholic priests molest children there is a law, there is a justice that holds them accountable. The imams ARE the law, justice and the government in Islamic states. So they can do their shameful acts in public. Who is going to stop them?

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

To the Adhaalathu Party and other jihadists

Leaders of the Adhaalathu Party and others who want to force Islam on the rest of us!

Let me keep this short and simple, in case you decide to invoke Mohamed’s Sunnah of illiteracy and pretend you do not understand what I am saying.

When Islam is established fully in Maldives under your party, what protection would there be for 6 to 9 year-old girls against pedophile freaks who want to emulate Mohamed’s Sunnah of having sex with 9-year-old girls? Can your best friend count on you not demanding that he gives his 9-year-old daughter for you to have pedophile sex? That was exactly what the dirty child-molester, your prophet Mohamed did to Aisha the daughter of his best friend Abu Bakuru. What if you want to invoke that Sunnah to help you claim those 72 Whore-al-Eens in Mohamed’s bordello called Jannah?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The father of my 4 children arranged for a old, ugly man to have sex with me

After I left school I married my boyfriend. I was faithful to him. We had 4 children. During this time he divorce me 3 times because I complain about his affairs with other women. After he divorce me three times he arrange for ugly old man to have sex with me so he can marry me again. He need this because he want me to look after the children.
The price I pay not to be separate from the 4 children I love more than myself is to have sex with the old man. I will write you my painful experience later.
I will not believe this is the law of a god. This is the rules of ignorant people and satan. Muslims are bad people and I am suffering for being under muslim law.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Islam's not for me

lyrics by "Bom bin YurShu"
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They tried to tell me my religion was wrong.
They tried to tell me to follow Islam.
They said their "Prophet" was a righteous dude,
But I found out none of their words were true.

I read the Qur'an and I read the Hadith,
And the sickness of Mohammed was apparent to me.
He justified perversion in the name of Allah,
When he married a girl too young for a bra.

She was playing with dolls when the "Prophet" came.
Her childhood was stolen in Allah's name.
Aisha was nine when he took her to bed.
Don’t tell me that fool's not sick in the head.

I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, Prophet pretender.
I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester! Islam's not for me!
Islam's not for me!

The sickness of the Islamic mind,
Has caused some mullas to be blind.
To justify their "Prophet" they will justify sin,
So the sins of the "Prophet" are repeated again.

All over the world in Islamic states,
Nine year old girls suffer cruel fate,
Sold into marriage to twisted men,
And Aisha’s sad story is repeated again.

I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, Prophet pretender.
I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester! Islam's not for me!
Islam's not for me!

Do you care about women all over the world?
Do you care about those little girls?
Better stand up and fight for human rights,
Speak out against the laws of Islam!

I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, Prophet pretender.
I ain’'t gonna follow no child molester! Islam's not for me!
Islam's not for me!
Islam's not for me!

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