Monday, May 14, 2007

My friend is moving out...

My friend has rented out the small place he has and is packing his bag to take his family out of the country. He is moving to Sri Lanka so that his children will have better education and a life free from the religious intolerance of Maldivian society.
There is a brain drain happening. There are people who do not wish an ideology or religion to be imposed on them. Throwing them out or expecting htem to move is not right. Room and space must be created that they remain in Maldives and contribute to the nation. After all it is their nation too.
Maldivians must be granted their rights as human beings if we are to join the rest of humanity. Maldives will not progress unless the state and religion are separated.


Ismail Rasheed said...

Nice blog.
...and watch out for the Maldives Islamic Blog Police.

Kobaa said...

Police cant do anything about it. There are so many Non Muslim in Maldives. Now we are going to declare our religions. And we a part of Maldives.

moyameehaa said...

i also want freedom of religion in maldives.but i also want tolerance and respect for each other among maldivians, and more than anything i want to see more of social change...because political change is not enough!

A secular state does not mean it had be anti religion.respect the feelings of you fellow humans.dont create hatred ....create love.

all must have one quality...humanism...justice and human rights...if these are not respected by any religion...such a religion or a version of religion must not exist.i am totally against hijab the name of secularism.

Dhivehi Christian said...

It's great to see former staunch supporters of Islam-only Maldives joining our fold. I call on Maldives to re-join humanity and tolerate difference. Non-Muslim Maldivians are a reality and our numbers are growing by the day. It is a waste of time to live in the past and pretend that the myth of an Islam-only Maldives can be sustained. Wake up Maldivian Muslims! Face reality! See you at the opening ceremony of the Cathedral Church of Maafannu. God Bless Maldives! It is time Allah shared our country with God, Brahma and Buddha.

D. Manik said...

Thanks for your comments and visiting this blog.
I agree with you that political change is not enough.
If there is more tolerance and respect, it will bring about more meaningful political change.
There will be of many points of view. many of it conflicting and opposing. To bring them out into the open will help to create the debate that will lead to tolerance and good will.

Divehi Christian said...

I think this Moyameehaa has finally seen the light. D. Manik, we are making an impact after all! Our contribution is a small step for us but a giant leap for Maldives. I shall reserve a seat in the pew for Moyameehaa. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen!

moyameehaa said...

light?what light?ive seen no light!if ive seen anything it is darkness and doubt.u think i believe in the jesus story?well...if u r mocking islam for what the texts are calling 'gudho gudho'!

i think u guys are crazy if you think you can get your rights by angering the maldivian muslims (the majority)! wont work that must respect humans...dont hate them just because in their holy texts there are things...which are not acceptable.

universal brotherhood of humans ...and humanism itself,is the only thing that can bring unite maldivians (non muslims and muslims).

being in favour of christianity as if there is no other good way...or that only jesus' blood can save the same as what maldivian muslims think.

there are more moderate muslims...who believe that these strict elements among mulims need to be softened...i think instead of (dreaming about) overthrowing the majority in one day...u guys must try to understand that maldives is a majority muslim nation...and lets not let it be a majority wahhabi nation!it is growing very fast...but we can resist it...we muslims,non-muslims and all maldivians alike must resist extremism...because it is a danger for all of us.trying to eliminate islam from maldives is a joke!u guys are childish if you think u can succeed by that method!

i believe maldivian women have a right to choose what they can wear,whether it is burugaa or even moonu burugaa ...without being mocked by any people like you.

Anonymous said...

The Challenger.

I challenge u all: non beievers of muslim, Dhivehi resistance, D. manik, Bakuru, tim taylor, etc that i will prove that you all are misled & uninformed about the truth. Do you guys or any single one accept my challenge,, or are u afraid?

Ahmed said...

we dont need ppl like u here in maldives.. if u hate maldives so much.. get the fuck out of here..

and change ur name to non-muslim losers

and by the way..y did u guys rejected the above comment??

and u guys better check these videos..

learn..hope its not too late yet for u guys..insha allah..