Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Islamic Politics

Qur’an and history shows that Muhammad taught and led a totalitarian movement enforced by the sword similar to those led by other fascists and dictators. The government of Maldives compares very well to any totalitarian system of government. Ahaalath Party is a Islamist fundamentalist and Islamic extreme party which shares with the totalitarian regime of the dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's government to centralization of political power and establish Islamic domination in The Maldives. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is using Islam as a political movement and he is using Islam as a sword to crush the reform process and the democratization of Maldives. With the help from Adhaalath Party.
The dictator Maumoon Abdu Gayoom’s mandate isn't about building a few mosques, schools, or other centers to meet the needs of Maldivians. But to change the existing laws into Islamic laws and to make the supreme council of Islam in The Maldives the hub of the political spectrum and dominate Maldives by Mullahs and Islamic extremists. The way for Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and the Adhallath Party to do this is to masquerading Adahhath Party as a religious and a political party ( Party of Allah) But the religious disguise is becoming paper thin, as non-Muslims of Maldives and the amount of Maldivian leaving Islam is increasing day by day. We will publish the total no of Non Muslim Maldivian and their respective religions on this site shortly. Beware the crusaders are on the move and it has begun.And we shall prevail.


Anonymous said...

Some of the Maldivian Muslims that I know who have left Islam

Mulim Name/Religion/Non Muslim Name
Mohamed Ahamed/Buddhist/Asoka Deva
Ismail Moosa/Christian/John Mosses
Ibrahim Maniku/Christian/Abraham Smith
Ahamed Ali/Christian/Swan Johnson
Mohmaed Yooosuf/Christian/Francis Gerald
Hassan Ahamed/Jewish/Andrea Harold
Ali Ibrahm Didi/Buddhist/Siri Vijay Kumar
Mariyam Ibrahim Didi/Christian/Marry Ford
Yoonis Umar Naseeru/Atheist/James Brent
Igbal Ali Mohamed/Atheist/George Davis

david-dhaaoodh said...

heheheheheh mee joke tha ..... haadha madhu baekey ..... thiemmen mihaaru vee guraidhooga dho.....abraham aa ibraahim ge huri thafaathu nikan bune dheefaanantha....saaabas arabi nantha beyrumeehunna kiyan udhagooveema ehunnanee badhalu kohffa......ham abraham ey kiyakas mosses ey kiyakan ey muslim nantha.....hehehehe ....dhen maa beyruvaavegen...

maldivian gamaaru said...

mashakiyanee mohamed ahmed hassan thakurufaanu dheedhee ma mithanun dheenaka badhalu vejjeyaa masha kiyan jehenee kon namme..nan badhalu kuran rasmeeyaathe beynun vaane tho Buddhist ? Atheist ?
Jewish ?

choice said...

I see you doing wrong,
You say you're not so strong,
To fight against shaytan.
Your evil desires drag you along.
Mankind and jinn have one thing in common.
They differ from Allah's other creation.
The animals, trees, birds, bees and everything existing,
fallow Allah's decree.
As people you and I should agree,
That we all have the ability ,to choose.
Allah show us right.
Allah shows us wrong.
He gives us a brain, a mind.
Now its up to us to choose,
what we have to do.
If we choose to do right,
Allah will give us guidance,
And bring us into the light.
He would grant us everlasting paradise and delight.
If we chose to do wrong,
Evil will turn us down a road of darkness ,confusion, and frustration.
A road that leads to a terrible destination.
The fires of hell are wicked and mercyless.
Only you could put your self in this.
The choices you make,
The things you choose,
must not be taken lightly, must not be abused.
Everyday every hour every minute of your life, You're making choices.
What will I wear?
What will I say?
Should I say anything?
Should I sit here?
Or talk to them?
Or eat this?
Or buy that?
Allah will ask us: what did we sing,learn,watch,say and do?
"Why did you lie?" "Why did you curse?"
"Why did you wear that tight skirt and shirt?"
Did Allah not give you all all that you need?
So that you must commit sins and bad deeds?
There is no excuse for the evil you do.
Do not talk foolishness when you know the truth.
You cannot lie to Allah.
He knows all that you do.
If you love Allah fully and true,
Try your up most to please him,
and pray for him to be pleased with you

Anonymous said...

I'm all alone, because of them... :(