Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The good moral of the Muslim Maldivian

There are many Muslim Maldivians.
There are Sunnis and Sufis. There are Salafis and Wahhabees and different beliefs and different sects. Many Muslim Maldivians perform a few religious obligations perfunctorily while others are zealous in dedication to prayers. Some never set a foot inside a mosque unless relative or friend or enemy is dead. Some never bow head towards Mecca but if you ask they say they are Muslims. Some people recite Gur'aan and Solavaai fulu daily. Some Muslim Maldivians sometimes change some of their religious belief. Some people have travelled dozens of times to the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina.

Muslim Maldivians do not have any ill will or hatred for people of other religious beliefs. Many Muslim Maldivians life outside Maldives among Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc. Many Muslim Maldivians send their sons and daughters to live and study with people of other religions in countries where there are other religions. Many Muslims have friends who are Christians.

The good moral of the Muslim Maldivian is defend and protect the minority Non Muslim Maldivians from any discrimination or persecution because of their religious belief.


Anonymous said...

muslim maldivians must learn tolerance

Dhivehi Christians said...

I am a Christian Maldivian. I find that many Maldivians become aware of their Islam only when they want to persecute my fellow infidels and me. I feel that Muslim Maldivians are among the most intolerant among Muslims who are already a very intolerant lot.

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