Saturday, May 22, 2010

Information limiting culture is not good for future

Some practices of Muslim Maldivians are sadly very damaging to themselves, their children and society. Muslim Maldivians take censorship very seriously and there are many things banned for Muslim Maldivians by their Scholars.

Take example this conversation on Facebook:

Hathim Ah Long Ali Ok, serious question is serious ... How strict is Maldivian law towards the showing of ''other faiths'' on Cable TV. I was watching Nat Geo, and they were showing a really interesting program about Jesus Christ, Bethlehem and the Palestine-Israel Conflict all rolled into one ''Inside Bethlehem'' I believe... So 10 minu...tes in as I was getting more engrossed in it .... The program suddenly cuts to black and the channel is completely cut leaving an empty screen... Was it pure coincidence or are they not allowed to show such stuff on Cable? - I did some surfing and even Animal Planet was cut off .... So just bad timing perhaps?

Ashjay Roronoa Winchester
They always censor such programs. Remember the Great Easter Mysteries. I was really looking forward to it, and they censored it. They basically cut off all these programs, as I remember the documentary series about the bible being cut off too. Interestingly, I dunno how stupid the cable guys are, but they did let me watch The Devil's Bible. Nice programs, educative, but I dunno why they need to censor. If we watch these, does it mean we are suddenly going to convert? No. A person with good enough faith can watch programs about other faiths a hundred times, and never convert. If a person thinks this way, they lack a lot of common sense.

Hathim Ah Long Ali
You serious? wow, I thought Cable TV wouldnt do stuff like that.. ... They dont want me watching educational stuff, but they have absolutely no problem letting me watch half nude women on Fashion TV .... I'm not even going to try find the logic behind it

Ashjay Roronoa Winchester
LOL! Believe it or not, the cable tv censoring has been going on for a long time.

Hathim Ah Long Ali
Ahh, I hardly watch tv and if I do, I only watch animal shows and the news lol ... The whole censoring caught me off guard... I'm pissed now :@
Yesterday at 1:09pm ·

Slim Jo Lira
Its only not censored in the late night reruns. Gets on my nerves too.

Ashjay Roronoa Winchester
Oh yeah, maybe that's why The Devil's Bible wasn't censored. I watched it very late, right after that ancient weapons program ;D

David James
Ashjay , saabahey thikuraa hihvarah , nan ves araifi dho officers list ah .

Vitte Visham
James,k ge nan ves araifi officers list ah.congratulation James. =)

Ashjay Roronoa Winchester
LOL! I knew James was our top entertainment person on this group.

David James
heheh , kaleymenge hiyaaluthakaa e kolhu nuvaa konme meehe ei entertainer e nu. this is not new to me.

David James
I have removed my name . i dont like it.

Vitte Visham
ooh :-\

Munzir Ali
sensaru kuree eyy. A few months ago, History channel was about to show a very controversial film called 'the last temptation of christ' and Bnet blocked the channel.

When Maldivians are deprived of knowledge that is generally available around the world the population is more ignorant of the world . By censoring information Muslim Maldivians are pushing themselves and their families and the whole nation into further ignorance.

Soon all the people may be Islamic Scholars who know all the good Muslim books and the correct Path to Heaven of Islam.

But many educated Muslim Maldivians and Non Muslim Maldivians who do not like such restrictions to information will leave the country.

Then WHO will operate computers, windmills, solar panels, airplanes etc?


The Shadowrunner said...

I will tell you who will operate computers, planes, and the War Machines of the future. Us.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Are u really Maldivian, cant believe the fact