Friday, May 23, 2008

Maldivians have arrived at a fork in the road

One of the most important and essential parts of a modern society is the freedom of its individuals and the respect of the human rights of its members.

Will Maldivians take this road?

Or will we continue to debate how much of a woman should be covered, and how a Muslim apostate should be killed, and how “lightly” we should beat "our" women, and whether it’s lawful for a Muslim to befriend Jews and Christians and greet them or wish them well?

Are we going to continue with an educational system that consist of hate brainwashing towards non Muslims which we call it Islamic studies?

Or will we teach our children secularism, equal treatment of women and religious tolerance?

Are we to consign our children to become soldiers fighting to establish the rule of Allah on Earth, which is the Sharia law that supersedes and aims to abolish every man made law and constitution?
Will we be happier as subjects of a dictatorial theocracy?

Or are we going to be on the side of humanity that advances the world scientifically, medically, and technologically, striving with the civilized world to better the life of every human being?


Anonymous said...

Or are we going to think that we will never die n strive for the world.

Anonymous said...

On nuetral grounds here, Me thinks the best situation in this whole mess is secularism. If u wanna be muslim be muslim or any what so ever religion. there should be absolute freedom of choice to..choose.
The current rise of these hypocritical wahabees in maldives is sickening.
Anyhow, what you say has truth in it. we have the right choice..but the correct question here would be are we willing to go for it.

Anonymous said...

i want to decriminalise pedophilia, is that freedom of choice?

Anonymous said...

i want to have sex with my old father and bear his children, why aren't these wahhabis allowing this?

Anonymous said...

Please visit this link:

Anonymous said...

You guys crticize Islam...

Unless one is a athiest its clear that the order of the universe is proof there is a creator..the way our body functions, the way our brain functions, the smallest veins, cells, has all these been created by a coincidence?

If not who do you think created all the creations?

Seek the truth and even if you follow any other religon or if you want to, do so...but do it nicely and talk about any good in your religon