Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Join the 21st Century!

Applying sharia to a society is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Such a deleterious outcome is somewhat masked in the Arab Middle East because of oil. Were it not for the black gold, Arabs would be pounding sand.

Perhaps, something positive will emerge if Muslims were to emulate the West. (I know, that's shocking!) For starters, human rights (not treating a female as some property of her "guardian"), rule of law (instead of the age-old wasta), capitalism (as opposed to banning interest), tolerance of Jews (not getting an orgasm while thinking of killing them) and letting go of Arab superiority (which is truly an inferiority complex).

Another thing: most Westerners don't care about Islam and Muslims. If anything it's the actions of the Muslims that is waking up the West and making it notice the backwards umma. Maybe -- just maybe -- if Muslims hadn't obliterated two buildings in New York, murdered Aussies in Bali, terrorized and raped children in Beslan, exploded bombs in London and tried to cause mayhem in Canada, then the West might not portray them in a negative light.

Oh, and passionately advocating for the beating of hijab-free Muslim girls and the killing of those who leave the decrepit religion and perpetual war against non-Muslims doesn't help either.

This juvenile and utterly illogical effort to puff up the West as some evil monster that wants to crush Muslims and which thus must be opposed (or destroyed), so that the umma can prosper is pure poppycock.

Tell your umma to stop causing shit and join the 21st century!

With thanks to Isaac Schrödinger pakistani-born ex-muslim convention-refugee pro-usa


On Your Face said...

Why don't you have a look at these three photos first and then decide whether it is Muslims who have to join the 21st century, asshole!




Irufan said...

its not only the 'Muslims' that have fallen back, its the rest of the world. Withought the plundering of third world nations the west would never have been able to implement the industrial revolution. you fail to acknowledge progressive Islamic countries like Malaysia. Was it Human rights when the US illeagely invaded Iraq and used depleted uranium bombs which is causing ugly deformations in Iraqi babys? The west only looks out for its own intrest. They promised the Arabs freedom in return for fighting against the ottoman empire but backstabbed them. In Iran the west overthrew a DEMOCRATIC regime for nationalising the oil companies. Is that the freedom that the west so proudly talk about. WE WILL NEVER FOLLOW IN THE PATH OF THE DAJJAL WEST. We have our own culture and we reject you BS coulture. We dont need to be westernized in order to modernise. look at Japan and Malaysia, they are modern developed countries who also retain their culture. As for your statement about Arab superiority, there is no Arab superiority in Islam. The Prophet(sav) in his farewell sermon said'A white mamn is not superior to a black man nor a black man over a white man, neither is an Arab superior over a non-Arab nor a non Arab over a Arab expect in piety'

Ahmed said...

we are in the 21st century..
still we will follow the ways of the prophet Muhammed and what is written on the Quran and what has been sent down by Allah..

we aint gonna follow ur 21st century filthy bible..